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When you work with us you will be working with the leading service providers with standards as high as your own. Plantation Shutters Guys is dedicated to quality products and quality service. We are simply the best company in the world providing great products in an effortless manner. Our staff is amazingly friendly, efficient and reliable. We are fully dedicated in offering the finest wooden plantation shutters using premium grade hardwoods at no extra cost. Visit us today and see it by yourself or contact us on 800-590-9830.


Advantages of shutters

Shutters are more than just pretty and they can be found in elegant furnishings in houses, apartments and bungalows. plantation shutters are very common on windows in modern stylish homes. Window shutters are sought after because the old adage about fashions is fading and shutters create eternal style. Window shutters also offer superb control over light and privacy levels in a room. They are utterly gorgeous and provide a solid insulating layer and can reduce the loss of heat through windows by up to 62%.


Why choose shutters

From the looks to sound-proofing, security to efficiency and other benefits, there are all sorts of reasons to choose interior plantation shutters. Shutters have many benefits which include:

They help cut your heating bills and help the environment; window shutters provide a solid insulating layer and closing plantation shutters at dusk is proven to insulate the windows and this can help you insignificantly reducing the heating cost. To help the environment choose FSC certification for sustainable poplar hardwood shutters which consume even fewer precious resources. The other reason for using plantation shutters is their easy cleaning; dust is wiped easily off the wooden slats than in blind and curtains and the ease in cleaning helps keep your home healthier because curtains and blinds when ingrained with dust creates breeding ground mites which leads to itching and allergies.

For plantation shutters installation contact Plantation Shutters Guys on 800-590-9830.

Plantation Shutters

When you use plantation shutters you are investing in real curb appeal; plantation shutters not only treat you with a crisp and contemporary revamp but also gives home sellers a plus because the buyers will recognize the difference because nothing stays modern and maintained like the plantation shutters. plantation shutters are just the things to disguise unsightly PVC windows. Plant shutters perfectly fit in every way and therefore can be used to express your style as you cover a space. plantation shutters are made to measure to the millimeter and therefore go anywhere you want and be finished in any color you want. plantation shutters also provide a peaceful and noise free environment; when wooden shutters are completely closed they act as natural noise barriers and our shutters are too sturdy and well made to bang and rattle around like blinds. A Plantation shutter therefore gives a complete reassurance of roadside living.

Plantation also controls the amount of light and therefore offers protection against UV radiation. There is no other window covering that gives you better light control than plantation shutters. For plantation shutters installation contact Plantation Shutters Guys on 800-590-9830.

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