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Plantation Shutters Guys has been providing customer designed installations of timber plantation shutters to residential homes. Our aim has always been to provide the highest quality product and specialized design to the customers. We are fully dedicated to superior service and customer satisfaction and our commitment towards plantation shutters services has firmly established the Plantation Shutters Guys as the market leader for quality products and design installation. To find out more contact us on 800-590-9830 and we will be more than happy to assist.

Our team

Plantation Shutters Guys team is made up of highly trained carpenters who are always on time and courteous. Our administration employees who handle logistics and individual customer job detail are very efficient and handle their work with a lot of ease. We strongly believe that every good job is truly a team effort and our team cooperates so that they deliver the most to the customers. Our team also focuses on the vision of the business which is to provide the highest quality product and specialist design. Call us on 800-590-9830 and here from the experts.

Shutter range

We provide a range of external and internal timber shutters to suit any situation the customers may ask. Our experts create the most beautiful and versatile design feature for you so that you get the most out of the shutters from the intimacy of the bedroom to the relaxed ambience of a casual living area or the classic sophistication of a dining room, style and practicality. We make sure that the shutter used are the stable and durable. When you choose the open shutters you are guaranteed that every aspect of the manufacturing process has been developed with the aim of giving you the highest quality shutters possible.

Our expertise covers a full range of interior and exterior designer products and we also specialize in bringing you the leading edge in the most innovative designs and craftsmanship. With dedication to uncompromised quality and full awareness of the requirement of modern living we have a magnificent range of the best quality timber timbers from the most suitable timber. At Plantation Shutters Guys the plantation shutters are made to measure from top-quality materials and are designed with style and simplicity taken into consideration. We control every aspect of design, measurement, manufacture and installation and because of this we have been able to come up with exclusive collection of custom-made shutters for all tastes, budgets, shapes and spaces making Plantation Shutters Guys a one stop store where you can get whatever type of shutters you are looking for. At Plantation Shutters Guys every type of shutter is available from café style to full height to solid panel. Visit us and choose your style and with our collection you are sure to find the shutter that suits your needs. There is plantation widow shutters, solid panel wood shutters, wooden shutters for the doors, full height shutters, tier on tier shutters, privacy shutters, special shape shutters and tracked door shutters.

Find out more about shutters by contacting Plantation Shutters Guys on 800-590-9830.

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